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CO2 sensors



Controlling with the Mooij CO2 sensor results into a better frying color. The CO2 sensor is connected to an input board of the Storage computer and continuously measures the CO2 content in ppm. The CO2 sensor prevents unnecessary refreshing of the air and minimizes the energy costs and the weight and quality losses.


CO2 - sensors connects  storage computers, and keeps a running record of CO2 concentration in PPM .CO2 sensors can prevent unnecessary air replacement, thereby reduce energy consumption and improve product quality and quantity.


With the storage computers connected directly; 

CO2 will be controlled in a reasonable scope,and ensure fried color;

open outfit is convenient, and can be in clean up between library and bud suppression agent spraying easy disassembly;

Have different measurement range 0 to 5000 PPM, 0 to 10000 PPM or other models.